May 22, 2016

Sunday Sundae

"Maybe you will go get us some donuts in the morning" said the wife as I headed for bed last night. So I slipped on my shoes and jeans and yesterday's T-shirt and drove to the donut shop on the other side of the highway this morning. Apparently, some other wives mandated Sunday donuts too. There were three guys in the place, including me, ordering up long johns, jelly filled, and traditional yeast donuts. Strangely, all three of us were sporting baseball caps. The youngest wore the Orioles, the other guy had on a Yankees cap. Me, of course I sported a Chicago Cubs hat, blue with a red "C".

When I got home I realized there was a pebble in my shoe. I'm not sure how it got there. Those old shoes have been through a lot. They are worn and dirty. I bought them five or six years ago. They are white leather Adidas. The trademarked three stripes are unusual in that they consist of two blue stripes and one red in the middle. Those old shoes sure have travelled while on my feet. They have trod untold miles. They have been to Mexico, Belize, the Bahamas. They've walked through the VI and both French and Dutch St Maartins. Those old Adidas stomped around on the Great Wall of China and protected my feet through at least 14 different states. There is a scuff mark on the right heel from where I routinely rest the foot on the floor while pressing the accelerator. The insoles lost any support long ago. The inner padding and liner is worn through at various contact spots. 

I have a "new" pair of leather Adidas in the closet. I wear them as my "good" sneakers. The stripes are boring black. I know white shoes are old man shoes, but the colored footwear seems odd on me. My walking togs are bright red running shoes, believe it or not. They are so light you think you are walking on air. Both of these pairs of shoes are really comfortable, but I like my old ones. They fit just right, even though they look like crap and, if I'm honest, they hurt my feet after long hours of wear. 

I felt he same about my old Asaics. The ones I wore all of the time before I bought the Adidas with the red and blue stripes. I never wanted to wear the new shoes, I liked the old ones. Now those Asaics are my mowing shoes.

Change? I'm not a big fan.


Jean said...

A saying from long ago that I find myself living by: "Eat it up, wear it out, make it do."

Ed Bonderenka said...

But what about the doughnuts?

Joe said...

The doughnuts were excellent. I purchased three chocolate iced long johns ( bars) without filling for the wife and two plain yeast and one lemon filled for me.mi ate two of mine. The wife has two left for Monday's breakfast

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