May 13, 2016

The Pandora Effect

Sources say the Obama Administration is telling all school districts they must accomodate students based on what they "feel" their sexual identity is or risk losing Federal Education funds. The rational for this is the Title IX equal opportunity act. Thus schools must let boys into girls restrooms and locker rooms. This also means boys can play on girl's volleyball teams. This means a young man who may be a sixth player on the basketball team can now start on ne girl's team. It will happen. For some schools winning is everything. Scholarships could be on the line. I would "identify " if it meant free college.

Watch out Boy Scouts. The left hates you already.

Never before have so few disrupted the lives of the majority.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The original intent of Title IX covers none of this. Unelected bureaucrats need to be hanged from the nearest lamppost. And there are plenty of them in Washington, DC -- and plenty of rope at the Navy Yard.

Anonymous said...

It's a buncha crap.

I swear to God: If someone with something hanging between its legs HAS to use the bathroom along with my daughter at school, it's finally, definitely time for home schooling.

Lose THAT money, public schools. I don't f'ing care. I'll HAVE to pay for that for their kids, right? But not mine. This is my CHILD. Screw the leftist opinions.

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