May 19, 2016

We need to bring back rail riding

I got home late yesterday evening from a quick 3 day road trip that started Monday around noon. I drove just over 1,100 miles. I flipped on the Cubs game late. The game went into extra innings, with good guys emerging victorious in 13 innings.  It was after one when I went to bed. I was not ready to get up when the alarm in my bladder sounded at 6:30. Since I get up at 6:40 anyway, I just stayed up. Come on coffee, do your thing.

It looks as if it is finally going to warm up a bit. I am ready. That also means I will have to spend my weekend working outside. The wife has a list of stuff to do as long as her arm; take out another tree, clean out some flower beds, rebuild the raised garden, power wash, clean all of the windows inside and out, plant flowers. My back hurts already! Don't worry, she will get in there and help, giving me the evil eye every time I suggest a break.

I avoided hammering people at work yesterday over an issue where I was right. I have mellowed in my old age. I avoided the snarky emails, the pointed barbs, the overwhelming need to have all involved acknowledge my "rightness". I got what I wanted, there is no need to leave folks battered in my wake. Boy, was I tempted though.

Have you seen the video of Hillary lying for thirteen straight minutes? Hilarious. Did you see the Governor of New York saying that we just have to expect corruption in government? Not hilarious. It does say a lot about those who seek political office. Since most are lawyers, I shouldn't be surprised.

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Corruption in office should be punished by public hangings.

You know. Pour encourager les autres.

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