May 27, 2016

What ever happened to Chuck Cunningham anyway?

The weather app says it is not going to rain until around eleven this morning and then it will clear up. It is 7:30 AM and raining fairly hard. There you have it. But the models ate accurate for global warming 100 years in the future, we are told. Chalk me up as another heretical skeptic in the climate change religion.

It is Friday and a long weekend. Woot! I hope the weather cooperates.

We had a summer-type supper last night. I soaked some thin boneless ribeyes in Dale's Sauce and threw them on the grill for steak sandwiches.  I also grilled some corn on the cob and baked a couple of spuds. The corn was so-so, it is early, but all in all a pretty good feast. A slice of fresh tomato would have been perfect, but my plants have at least a month before I start getting fruit.

What the heck, how about some Friday music? This tune could be my theme song.
I'm special, so special
I gotta have some of your attention give it to me
Am I right?

Have a great Friday

1 comment:

Jean said...

Can't think of anyone special-er.

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