May 3, 2016

Woo Boy

Woo Boy, it is election Day. I have been anticipating this for weeks. Not the voting part, but a temporary end to the barrage of political ads. At this stage I can honestly say I hate them all. Not the just the ads -- the candidates; local, state, and federal.

We had some pulled pork and I decided to make some onion rings as a side for supper last night. The first onion I pulled out looked good until I sliced it. The center was black as Hillary's heart. Luckily I had another onion. The onion rings were first rate. I got the batter just right, not too thin nor too thick so it gave a nice crispy coating.

It is misting a little rain on this chilly May morning. I wish I could tell you I have big plans. I don't. I'm working on a big spreadsheet for the boss and I still have customer visit reports to write. A boring day is in store. I will head over to the polls in a while to do my thing. That is it, a glimpse at my sorry life.


Anonymous said...

Happy for you on the temporary end to the TV assaults. Sadly it will return this fall. Enjoy the day.


hey teacher... said...

Got to the polls at 5:55am(open at 6)so my wife can make it to work by 6:30. 8 people in front of us, 6 of which are retired. WTF!!!??? Opened the doors at 6 but no machines were ready to go. Again, WTF!!!??? The ipad id readers, (run by 70 year old retired people), weren't scanning correctly. You guessed it, WTF!!!??? My wife made it to work at 6:29, (due to my fine Jason Stathomesque driving). At school I get to hear 2 7th graders blowing off about how great Trump is. All in all a GREAT day.

Just for the record. I,as a teacher, am not allowed to express my political opinions to students, (contrary to what many people believe thanks to Sean Hannity , Mark Levin, etc...).

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