June 29, 2016

Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a barista

It is a cool morning here at the old homestead.  When I scrambled out of the loft I had to break a skim of ice from the water bucket. The fire in the stove was a welcome relief from the chill. I leaned against the cow as I milked her, absorbing her body heat. Nonsense abounds. The closest I ever came to milking a cow was an evening I spent with this chunky gal in he back of a station wagon during a football game at Western Boone High School back in 1977 or '78. I didn't even know her name.

I'm on vacation today. We were supposed to be using up some of those hard-earned Hilton points at a lovely resort in Florida for the next couple of days. Alas, the wife did not feel comfortable driving that far by herself. Me, I could do the 12 hours each way easily, that is a routine business trip for me. But she is all scared to let a blind person drive her across country, particularly at night. Every time the lecture starts with "Joe, you can't...", I just tune it out. It starts to sound just like a teacher in a Charlie Brown cartoon: whaaah, whaaaah. So, we are having a staycation. That is a fancy word that translates as wasting good vacation days doing nothing fun. 

There is a park bench overlooking the retention pond on the other side of he housing addition. Maybe I will walk over there. I bet staring at that water will be just like watching the ocean. Only different. No sharks. There is that. 

I think I saw tne Go Gos back in '82. That story is in the archives somewhere. I could look it up, but I'm on vacation.

The Cubs have a day game today.  That will eat up a few hours.


hey teacher... said...

Good that there are no sharks but definitely watch out for gators unless it is posted no swimming, then you are good to go. Be careful not to take on any "extra" projects during this staycation as those will not be credited to your account. Cooler and low humidity in southern end of state today. Hope it is the same for yo.

Ed Bonderenka said...


Jean said...

Did you know Dustbury is in the hospital?
Back surgery.

Joe said...

I saw that

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