June 24, 2016

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Why, no. I can't.

I have struggled with some vision issues for years. I have what is called Fuch's Dystrophy. You can look it up. I will wait.

I've told you for years that I'm exceptional and once again I can prove it. Usually, Fuch's afflicts women. Almost always older people. I was diagnosed in my mid-forties. Hooyah. Anyway, in recent months my vision has deteriorated severely. When I went last month for new glasses the eye doc said he cannot help me and sent me to a surgeon.

Yesterday, it was confirmed. In a couple of weeks I go in for the first of my cornea transplants. The second one will follow two weeks after that. I'm assured it is not a big deal and fairly routine. I'm getting my minor cataracts removed while they are in there. Unfortunately, new lenses can't correct severe astigmatism, so when I'm done I will still have to wear my damn bifocals. But at least I will be able to see. There is that.

So, you will continue to read my rants and nonsense for a few more weeks. Then I will not be posting for a while; maybe for six or eight weeks - until the transplants start to work and I can get my new, far weaker glasses prescription. You will survive.

Me too.

I will keep you posted.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Best of luck, Joe. You'll be in my thoughts.

Jean said...

Be a good boy. We'll be here for you.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck from me too.


B said...

Luck, my friend.

Hope all goes well.

Keep posting 'til then.

hey teacher... said...

Hope all goes well with the surgeries.
Have you thought about voice recognition software for putting out the blog. 6-8 weeks is a long time to keep those rants pent in. Might be worse that lifting something. I'm not a doctor but I watch one on tv.

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