June 21, 2016

redacted title

I had to go see a (redacted) this morning about buying some (redacted). It was an early (redacted).

I'm kind of tired (redacted). The wife scored some (redacted) at the farmer's market (redacted) and I did not get around to planting them until yesterday (redacted). She had a couple of other plants that needed put into the (redacted) also. I spent the evening digging holes with a (redacted) and post hole (redacted). About eight to be exact.

This morning I am sore and I have (redacted) on my hands, mostly from the post hole (redacted). Just as I finished digging in gone rock hard clay and planting the last plant, the sky darkened and we began to hear rumbles of (redacted) and shortly began to rain.

(redacted) ( redacted) (redacted) you.

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