July 6, 2016

Everybody feels better today

Democrats said they were going to have another anti-civil rights sit-in in Congress yesterday. I suppose that since Hillary was not recommended for indictment it was not necessary.

Good news Democrats, now you can tout that your candidate is a liar and incompetent, but not a criminal. She is careless with State Secrets, did her best to avoid FOIA laws, but she is not a felon! As long as she supports abortion, give her your vote!

Only the Stupid Party could potentially lose to a candidate this bad.

Those who think the Russians or the ChiComms are going to reveal the cache of Hillary emails as an October surprise are naive. They want her elected. That is how blackmail works. I suspect that on day two of office that seldom-used red phone will blink. Hillary will pick up to hear Putin laughing his ass off. Russians will be in the restt of the Ukraine and heading towards the lost Balkan states in no time.

After the Chinese call our aircraft carriers will move away from the Spratley Islands. China will be threatening Vietnam and the Phillipines within a year or two.

We will be giving concessions to North Korea and the Iranians.

It's OK, she supports gun control and open borders.

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