July 3, 2016

Gypsies have more honor

I mowed the lawn yesterday. I have nothing else to report.

How sickening is it that the corruption of our government is displayed in full view when the US Attorney General meets with the target/spouse of the target of an investigation? Anyone with any sense of propriety and honor would immediately resign. If she refuses, then the President should ask her to resign. If he won't, then Congress should start impeachment proceedings against the AG onTuesday.

This is banana republic-type shenanigans.  It makes me sick. Here we are on July Fourth weekend watching our nation roll in the very muck of corruption that forced the colonies to declare independence.

Every politician should be forced to watch the first two episodes of the mini series John Adams once a year just to be shamed into acting like a true representative.

Could you imagine the outrage if Dick Cheney had met with he special prosecutor during the Scooter Libby/Valerie Plame investigation? The Democrats and the press ( whoops, I repeat myself) would be having an apoplectic fit. Now: chirp , chirp, chirp.

What will it take for decent Democrats to stand up and say politics aside, this is just wrong and I can't support it any more? Apparently more than running guns to Mexican Cartels, more than using the IRS to target political opponents, more than covering up the killing of Americans in Libya, and more than seeing the entire Justice System compromised to maintain power.  What will it take for decent people to say "enough"?


Anonymous said...

Not a chance in hell that Hillary will be indicted for anything, the fix is in and has been for a long time.

James Old Guy

Cheryl said...

I agree. Why her and Bill can do whatever they want completely baffles me. Cheryl

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm hoping Comey speaks out.

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