July 16, 2016

This is a snappy, attention grabbing title to a riveting post you will want to bookmark and read again and again. Unless it is not.

The coffee is black and hot. The day looks to be gorgeous. I have stuff to do that I can assure you won't get done. Probably tomorrow. You never know.

Pence. I'm not positive he was going to win re-election as governor of Indiana, so I'm not sure what he does to help Trump beyond assuage the conservative and establishment types in the GOP. Pence is the prototypical establishment candidate. He believes in his conservative ideas, but is a party man through and through. He semi-supports amnesty. He signed the terrible "religious freedom" law. He has been at war with the duly elected State Superintendent of Schools, primarily because she is a Democrat. Mike Pence is very well spoken (he used to host a radio talk show) and a great debater. His refusal to go negative in a campaign will be an effective counterbalance to Trump's attack, attack, attack tendencies. Pence is the proto- typical vanilla hard-line GOPer Trump and his supporters have voted against all along and probably just the guy to make many in the party hold their nose and vote against Hillary. Think of a boring Kasich, who aligns ideologically more with Rubio.

I need more coffee. I have "Lido" by Boz Scaggs stuck in my head. Please make it stop.

I hope you have a great Saturday.


LeeAnn said...

Once "Lido" gets in there, it's only a short hop to "Back in the Middle with You".

hey teacher... said...

At least it's not "Kokomo". Oops, did I put that in your head? So sorry!

Joe said...

I hate you both

hey teacher... said...

He said , while humming the " I Love Lucy " theme song.

lotta joy said...

The absolute worst song to have stuck in your head is I'M HENRY THE EIGHTH I AM.

And I hate the way he says "HEN*ER*Y"

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