August 3, 2016

Back Blogging

As in "from my back". My left eyeball was back under the knife bright and early Monday morning. Yesterday the doc said all looks good. I go back today, but Friday is when we really know if the transplant takes this time. In the interim I'm spending much of my time lying flat on my back, no pillow, staring at the ceiling. You have heard it before.

I was up for a bit last evening, walked around with he wife while she watered the flowers. It is OK, I can be up increasing hours each day. It was nice to be outside.

Otherwise life is boring. I have avoided the news and talk radio. My attention has been taken up by music, audiobooks and baseball.

Sorry, boring life leads to boring posts.  My vision should start to clear tonight and tomorrow as the air bubble injected into my eye to hold the cornea transplant in place starts to dissipate. Maybe I will have something worthwhile for you by then.

Excuse any typos and have a great day.


Jean said...

Whatcha listening to/reading?

B said...

Good luck.

Joe said...

Book three of The Corps by WEB Griffin

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