August 12, 2016

Blue skies, yellow tomatoes

We just about wore out the buttons on the TV remote last night jumping from the Cubs to the Olympics and back. The wife wanted to see gymnastics. Switching back and forth worked out fine since NBC has a LOT of commercials in their Olympic coverage. I wanted to see the evil Cardinals lose. The good guys won all around.

The 'Mericans took gold and silver in women's gymnastics. Little Simone won by more than two points which is the equivalent of winning by 96 in basketball.  Michael Phelps won more gold in swimming.

The Cubbies wrapped up their game just after midnight Eastern time when the Cards walked Anthony Rizzo with bases loaded. That was the easiest RBI in the world. As an ardent Cubs fan I will say that ball was a strike. The Cards got screwed by the umpire. 11 innings in the sweltering heat were just too much, I guess. The ump called a ball that sliced down the inner quarter of the plate and called a free pass, ending he game. I will take it, things happen. Ten in a row for the Northsiders.

Happy Friday to you. You can listen to the music of your choice today. No Friday Music.

Here is a bonus for those of you in the Hoosier State: how is Evan Bayh claiming with a straight face he is for not putting party first when he had one of the most partisan voting records when he was in the Senate last time? I suppose he is counting on name recognition and the ignorance of the voters. His optimism is probably justified. By January, I suspect the reliably red Hoosier State will have two Democrat Senators and a Democrat governor. 

I'm feeling a bit blue.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised his dad was a piece of shit. Typical Democrat will lie about anything to get a vote.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

It was a strike. The ump saw it differently. Thankfully, the ump's opinion still counts.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

And Evan Bayh is a scumball.

Rita said...

I actually voted for Bayh his first try at Senator because he did a decent job as governor. But then he voted straight party line. No way I'm buying that BS again.

Joe said...

Me too, Rita

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

If Evan Bayh were a college student today, he'd be expelled.

Just saying.

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