August 8, 2016

I thought I put a title here. Now I have

Happy Monday. The granddaughter is downstairs watching Mickey the Mouse, snuggling with my wife.  It looks to be a great day.

There was not much excitement over the weekend. We went to our friend's house Saturday. They swam, I dangled my feet in the water. I am banned from pools and hot tubs for two months.  Sunday I watched the Cubs. I was all set to watch the Colts first preseason effort, for as long as I could stand to watch putrid per-season football, but the game was cancelled due to the poor condition of the field. WTH? How is that possible? How embarrassing for the football Hall of Fame and the NFL. Someone is going to be out some money. Fans paid for tickets, hotels, etc. to see that game, not to mention the lost revenue on ESPN. You just know some money-grubbing attorney is already on he case.

I'm off to do some work, hot dog hot dignity dog.  The Olympics continue. Hillary Clinton is a liar.


Jean said...

We heard the players complained about the painted designs in the end zones. Paint hardened like concrete. Safety concerns. Tried heating it to soften it and that melted the rubber pieces in the turf.
I'd say this qualifies as a cluster-fuck...or maybe a conspiracy from us baseball fans who mutter IT AIN'T FUCKIN' FOOTBALL SEASON YET, YA DUMBSHITS!

Anonymous said...

Hall of Fame games are a waste, in fact the whole pre-season is a bad idea.


Joe said...

I don't know why they didn't try a local high school, Mount Union University, Youngstown State, Kemt State, or Cleveland.

Local news said they did not inform folks in the stands until after the game was scheduled to start After they had paid parking, bought food etc.

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