August 15, 2016

Random thoughts that explain Trump, chipmunks, and the alien megastructures

Gymnasts have remarkable self control. I would fall off the beam because I had to stop and pull that leotard out of my crack.

It is International Left Handers Day. My oldest boy is a lefty.

It is raining. We need it, even though we got a couple of inches over the weekend.

I'm traveling for work this week. It seems like forever since I have hit the road. Don't worry, a colleague is driving. I'm sick of working he phones and email. I'm ready to get out of the house and see some customers.

I get the cornea transplant in the right eye next week. Hopefully after a week recovery I will have significantly improved vision. I can order new, weaker glasses and resume life as normal. I'm sick of being driven everywhere.

In the old days superstitious building owners refused to have a 13th floor, skipping from 12 to 14. Perhaps the Chicago Cubs should look at skipping he 8th inning when they play the cardinals. The Cubs gave up 11 runs combined in the 8th inning on Saturday and Sunday. They were leading both games through seven and ended up losing both.

Happy Monday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

What about the alien megastructures?

Anonymous said...

Life goes on doesn't it.

James Old Guy

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