September 12, 2016

Avon Calling

3;48 read the digital alarm clock on the nightstand next to my side of the bed when I gave up and rolled to my feet this morning.  I padded downstairs. I stared out the patio doors into the dark backyard. After a while I turned on the TV and watched the early morning news.  I grabbed the wife's iPad and read some analysis of yesterday's Colts game. I checked the final score of the Cubs win over the Astros.  I tried stretching out on the couch, but it was clear I was up for the day. I gave in at 5:30 and threw a K-cup into the Keurig. Monday has started the workweek off with a bang.

Saturday I fixed nail holes and repainted walls. I moved a couple of shelves for the wife. Our granddaughter came over for a few hours in the evening. Yesterday, I cleaned a little, went to the store, mowed the lawn, and made a pan of lasagna. Oh, and watched a little football.  We had a great evening as the youngest son and his girlfriend came to dinner. Since we had plenty, and they live close, my daughter and her family came over to eat too. Too bad the oldest boy had to work. The granddaughter entertained everyone. After we cleaned up the dinner mess, and everyone left,  I flipped on the Cubs game and slumped in my chair while my wife surfed the interwebz on her iPad. I headed for bed sometime around the seventh inning.

That summarizes a busy weekend for me, boring stuff for you to read. Such is life.

Weirdness ensues. It is 5:42 AM. My wife just opened the bedroom door and hollered down the hall "Joe, who is at the door?"

"Huh"? I'm always articulate as heck at this time of the day. I told her there was no one at the door.

"The doorbell didn't ring"?  No.

I guess I'm not the only one having a hard time sleeping.

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