September 15, 2016


I have been trying hard not to curse these days. There is an exception to every rule and home repair projects and reading stuff on the Internet seems to bring out he worst in my vocabulary. Both inpire long strings of epithets and f-bombs to drip from my lips like diarrhea. So let me get this out of the way before we go any further:

Are you fucking kidding me? Jerry Fucking Maguire is one of the best sports movies ever? That flick is a piece of shit, a waste of good film.

There. I feel better. What brought that on? I read an article, maybe on Bleacher Report, I can't remember, but I wouldn't link it anyway because the piece was so obviously wrong it is not worth your time. I'm sorry I wasted the four minutes of my life I spent reading it. The premise was to look at the ten greatest "classic" sports movies of all time. I should have known the author was an idiot when Rocky only earned honorable mention.

Some of the choices left me sitting in dumbfounded wonder; Dodgeball, White Men Can't Jump, and Jerry f-ing Maguire? There was no mention of Rudy, no Breaking Away, no Hoosiers! How is it possible that none of these made the list? Oh, the author did include Field of Dreams, but that is like including The Godfather on a list of "good movies you should see". Even a Democrat can be right sometimes.

Any list of "classics" that includes Jerry Maguire is disqualified as serious thought and fit for nothing more than toilet paper. On a related note, it is hard to wipe your ass with an iPad.

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Anonymous said...

Bleacher Report is full of idiots, challenged by ESPN.

James Old Guy

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