September 14, 2016

Counting the days

Is it November yet? I'm not ready for winter, but this campaign season has been interminable. I have pretty much divorced myself from talk radio, that has helped keep me sane. The TV is inundated with commercials, but at least we are not bombarded like some of you who live in swing states. I think Hillary has pretty much conceded Hoosierdom, so it is the local race commercials mostly.

It seems the tone of this years' political spin is "I can work with the other guys, see how reasonable I am".  Of course we are to forget that when you were in office last time you were a political hack, voting straight party line. We should forget that you left the state to keep from having legislation passed. That your vote brought us ObamaCare. We should ignore that you are a carpetbagger who moved here just to get elected. I am beginning to think only those with the worst possible character seek public office; people too dishonest to work as used car salesmen or run credit card phishing scams from their bathroom servers.

Hillary has made lying such a habit she even spins stupid lies about stuff that doesn't matter. She fainted because of he heat on a breezy mid-seventies day, she went to Chelsea's apartment to see a doctor she didn't see until hours later at her own home. Who cares? Why lie about it? Do we need to have thirty-seven different stories about why you passed out? For all we know you were hung over. You caught pneumonia from your staff, but you are not contagious. Who believes that crap? Clinton lies about lying. Why not "I didn't feel well and now I feel better"? EOS.

I read an article this morning about how the Democrats are already working on their 2018 Senate midterm election strategy. Seriously? At this point I am praying for that Cleveland versus Cubs World Series that will indicate Armegedon is nigh.


Ed Bonderenka said...

What will Thanksgiving Dinner conversation be about?

Joe said...

Not politics. It never is.

Jean said...

Indians and Cubs. One of us would die happy.

Joe said...

I predict the world will end right with the first pitch of game 7

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