September 7, 2016

Hump day hustling

It is a blustery, rainy day here where the bay is green. My weather app says the allergy warning is high. I believe it. My eyes are itchy and watering, my nose is running. My cheap-ass insurance is fighting the allergy drops prescribed by my surgeon. They wrangle over dollars while I suffer. They did not mind a 'script while I was paying my huge deductible (thanks ObamaCare). Now that they have to pony up nothing is approved. Big insurance is suddenly fighting diabetes meds I have taken for a year and now the eye drops.

It was not my plan to complain today. Sorry. If you don't know by now, this blog is an exercise in free form writing. I sit down and start the hunt and peck routine. I am the living embodiment of the hundred monkeys at a hundred typewriters.  Like the proverbial Capuchin monkey pounding away at an old Underwood, I have yet to deliver anything of note.  Such is life.

The NFL kicks off this week. I cannot recall a time I was less excited. It is probably a function of low expectations for the home team and anticipation over the Cubs playoff chances. Most years my Northsiders are out of contention by July, so I look forward to football. Don't worry, I am counting neither eggs nor fowl, I fully expect the Cubs to falter. A century of futility cannot be denied. I am happy to see the team win more than it loses.

Well there you have another installment of this pretend slice of my life. I have to brush my teeth to rid my breath of he powdered eggs and hotel coffee before I head off to customer number one of the day. Perhaps my allergy tears will make him think I am crying in sincere regret over our late delivery.    We are only late to when the customer wanted delivery, not to when we said we could produce it. That line about lead time on the quote must have been in Swahili or something. I guess the customer should not have waited six weeks after we quoted to place his order for an item that takes three months to produce.

Buck up, it is a short week! Enjoy your day.

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