September 28, 2016

No politicians were harmed in making this post

Good morning. It is raining, so it is a good thing I mowed the lawn yesterday evening. The wife had a doctor appointment and then went to get her hair done yesterday afternoon. She planned on spending he evening with one of her friends, so I was on my own. This is nothing new or troublesome for a guy who is on his own for dinner two or three times a week. After I cut he grass I picked up some Chinese takeout and settled in to watch some Cubs baseball. I read a bit, played some card games on the iPad and generally relaxed to the easy pace of the ball game. The wife returned shortly before eleven.

I have some paperwork to do this morning then it is off to the Windy City. I was there last week, and probably will be there again next week. There is a lot of opportunity for my widgets there. It is funny, in my previous career one of my main customers was in a west suburb of Chicago. I stayed there at least once a month. Currently, I have a concentration of customers in the same area. I stay in tne same old hotel and eat in the same restaurants I haunted for eight years previously.Things change and yet remain the same.

Some road warriors go to a town and stay for an extended period for a project. I have a friend who is a consultant who spends as much as a year in the same place. Some of us go many places for a one night stand. I like the change of scenery. I may go to the same places, but I am usually heading somewhere else after a day or so,  i have become good at packing a suitcase.

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