September 20, 2016

Tuesday updates

This is medical stuff. If that is of no interest to you, check back later for he usual content.

I went to the eye surgeon today for my one month check.  Things look OK, but allergies are playing havoc with my eyes and vision. Insurance has denied coverage on three separate eye drops. The doctor is trying again. The good news is I can sleep on either side, and my back.  I still cannot sleep on my stomach, but at least I can change positions.

He is somewhat concerned my vision is not where it should be. In fact, it is a little worse than it was just after surgery.  Me too. I don't want to go through all of this and still not be able to see. They did the old "which is better, one or two, thing. No one told me the results, but I got the impression they weren't excited. I go back in another month. Let's hope my vision tuns better with a good freeze.

I doubt it will, but I can hope.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I can pray.
I will.

Jean said...

If (when)they get the allergies cleared up I'm betting things will be fine.

Damn insurance companies.

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