October 20, 2016

With a Woot! and a Hey!

My blog friend Jean is surely a happy girl since the Indians clinched a spot in the World Series yesterday. In the National League, the Cubs we have been watching all season showed up and finally hit the ball, rolling to a lopsided 10-2 victory. During a text exchange with my wife I quipped that the team should save a few of those runs for tonight.

I was a bad boy last evening. I blew off dinner with my colleagues. I ate room service and watched the game. In all honesty, I felt like warmed over road kill. The cold that has settled in my chest for two weeks moved back into my head yesterday afternoon, so I have snot filled sinuses to go with my hacking cough --again. My head hurt like the blazes and I wasn't really up for group frivolity. I doubt my coworkers missed me coughing all evening much. I walked a few miles to Walgreens yesterday morning to stock up on more over the counter meds. If I'm not better I am going to have to suck it up and head to the clinic for some real medicine. This has gone on long enough.

One more day at the trade show booth. This is a short session; three hours this afternoon. Then, like The Who once proclaimed, "I'm Free". I suspect a few poolside beers, dinner and an early night to follow. I have a 4:40 am pickup for the airport. Then I will be winging my way home. I will miss the warm weather and sunshine, but I am ready to sleep in my own bed.

I did not watch one second of the debate. If you don't know by now that Clinton is a filthy corrupt politician, that Trump is a buffoon, and the rest of the candidates are idiots, then I'm not sure what to say to you. I suspect you are confused by he cereal aisle at the grocery store.


Jean said...

Both games were so cool!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things my kids showed me on tumblr or some other site about this election: "America! Your drunk! Go home."

Says it all.

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