November 28, 2016


It is Monday, buy something online.

I have a list if you need to waste your money on a complete stranger.

It occurs to me that this place could really, really use an editor. And a spell checker. Or maybe an author who takes time to proofread his submissions. Going back the next day after posting to find typos may not be he best way to go about the process. This is post 5,510. Things probably won't change soon. I can only hope I'm not really the moron my writing around here indicates. 

Trump says there were illegal votes cast for Hillary and the press goes wild, accusing him of making irresponsible statements without proof. Democrats demand recounts in states they lost based on discrepancies in polling compared to actual votes. They claim that maybe voting machines were hacked by nefarious somebodies, even though there is not a shred of evidence. The press thinks that position is reasonable.  Which is more likely, people casting ballots who are not supposed to vote - like non-citizens and people who vote in multiple precincts and dead people voting ( all of which have been documented) or hackers targeting specific voting machines in Kinross, Michigan? 

Remember that filing and those customer visit reports I wrote about doing last week? Yeah, well guess what did not get done? Today for sure. Probably. Maybe. 


Ed Bonderenka said...

I avoided commenting earlier so as not to distract you.
How'd you do?

Joe said...

Every thing done but the filing

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