November 29, 2016

How many more have to be hurt before we do something?

Funny, I keep waiting in vain for a call for a national dialogue about cars and butcher knives. Why aren't Democrats in Congress demanding that anyone on the No-Fly list be banned from owning, renting, or driving an automobile? When will we see demands that the cutlery industry install "smart" technology on knives?  I hear people can buy knives at gun shows. This loophole must be closed. When will the families sue the car manufacturer? Why is the President silent?


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

We have a president? Seems like the office has been kind of vacant lately, much like its current holder.

mts1 said...

Be careful what you joke about. Britain is already in the process of banning all but butter knives, and even they must be quite short and have no edge.

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