November 14, 2016

I really pounded my meat last evening

I fried up some breaded tenderloins for supper last night. I served them with hash brown casserole, green beans and some sliced tomatoes from my garden. Yes, I was still getting tomatoes this week. That is done now. Friday night's hard freeze killed the plants. I still have four 'maters on the cabinet that I picked Friday morning that were turning, but not completely ripe. I will have to wait until next summer to have more.

I have learned in my travels that a good breaded pork tenderloin is a regional thing. Sometimes you can find a loathsome frozen pork fritter or a breaded pork cutlet, but a good breaded tenderloin is impossible outside of the Midwest, and Hoosierdom in particular.  I cheat a little in that I use a boneless pork chop. I beat them thin with a tenderizing mallet. I run the meat through an egg and milk wash seasoned with salt and pepper then cover them in Ritz cracker crumbs. Yes, Ritz crackers, it gives the pork a rich buttery taste. I then fry them in oil. In a skillet. Not just a couple of tablespoons of oil either; cover the bottom completely. Oh, and use Crisco, not some gosh-awful healthy canola or olive oil, or peanut oil. Lard would be even better.

You did not come here for recipes. I hope not anyway. In fact, I'm not sure why you came here. I am glad you did.

I'm off to the Windy City to do my Willie Loman thing later this morning. I'm staying in a different hotel this time. My usual haunt on the far north side is booked up. I will be a couple of exits down the Tri-State this time. That means I may have to find new restaurant choices or drive a little further if I want to stay in my routine. Life is hard.

Have a great Monday.


Anonymous said...

Haven't had a breaded tenderloin since I left Indiana, not sure it's worth the trip back just for a sandwich.


Joe said...

It's a long haul for a piece of pork

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