November 20, 2016

Jackanapes in Aisle Seven

Some geese flew over the house this morning heading west.  Perhaps the leader of the V forgot to calibrate his iPhone compass. I imagine it is hard to do that roll-around thing with webbed feet.

It was a cold day yesterday. Wind chills in the twenties. Hard to take after it was 75 Friday afternoon. In another month temperatures in the low thirties and twenty-four degree windchill will feel downright pleasant.  Pitchers and catchers report in just over three months.

We ventured out to Sam's Club yesterday. Going on a Saturday afternoon is nuts. It is made worse in that people are mostly jerks. The place is packed and buttheads park their carts sideways in the middle of an aisle to talk with an acquaintance, while others just park in the middle of the busiest lanes and stare at the shelves, letting no one pass by. Hey buddy, either you want that five pound bag of sugar or you don't. There is no option three.

We are heading off to see the Colts play today. My daughter bought us tickets for watching our granddaughter. I would pay them to watch my granddaughter. If you tune in to the football game I will be the one in a Colts jersey.

I didn't post anything yesterday. I did not feel like it. I imagine the lack of electronic contact with my greatness made you sad and depressed. I hope you did not cry all day. Maybe that is what the rude morons were discussing at Sam's. "Where's Joe? How shall we survive?". Perhaps their deep consternation was reason enough to block up the aisles. Or more likely, they were just ass wipes.

Have a good Sunday.  


Ed Bonderenka said...

Like a faithful puppy at the door:
Where's Joe?
Where's Joe?
Where's Joe?
Will he be back soon?

Oh joy! He's here!


Joe said...


I can't believe you are not sitting around thinking about me 24-7. 😎

hey teacher... said...

I think I saw you! Were you sitting next to the hot chick who was way out of your league?

Joe said...


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