November 17, 2016

Midnight Rambler

The harsh glare of my iPad dominates the dark room as I do the one-fingered dance on the little electronic keyboard.  To my right the soft white glow of the waning super moon lights the neighborhood outside the windows. For the third time in a week I'm awake before 3:00. That is, Dear Reader, fact, not complaint. Sure, I wish it were otherwise, but that is just the way things are.

I picked up my new glasses yesterday. I don't think they are right, I can't see diddly through them. Stuff looks tilted to the right. Instead of a rectangle I see the shape of Gumby's head. I'm going to give it today to see if it is just my eyes adjusting, then I'm taking them back tomorrow. I'm pretty sure my first impression of new specs shouldn't be " Boy, things are sure blurry". I am so sick of dealing with my vision. I have almost resigned myself to never being able to see well again. I'm certain this is mostly my fault for going to the discount glasses shop. Since I am likely going to have to get more in six months or so as my eyes will keep changing, I opted for cheap over good. Once again, life demonstrates you get what you pay for. I still want them right.

We went to the company Holiday Dinner last night. I ate entirely too much. It was at one of those Brazilian steakhouses where they go around and cut off chunks of different meats from skewers. It was nice.

I've read some of the news of the day. I think I will pass on politics in this post. I suspect many of you will shout a hardy "Amen". Neither of the Cubs pitchers up for the Cy Young Award will win the hardware this year. The manager that won more games than anyone in baseball also fell short for manager of the year. I'm not sure how that works. I suspect all would rather have the World Series trophy anyway. 

I'm going to try reading a bit to see if that puts me back to sleep. Have a great morning.

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