November 22, 2016

This is my life

Yesterday I got up around 6:15. Took my handful of meds, dropped some steroids into each eye and brewed a mug of coffee. I read some news and blogs. I wrote a ridiculous post. I shuffled into my office, reviewed a customer folder and packed up my briefcase. After a quick shower, I was on the road.

I drove 3 plus hours to the Big Mitten State. I stopped for lunch and then went to a customer's factory. I examined their machine, agreed that one of my components needs to be replaced, and left. I was at the plant 20 minutes, including time in the lobby waiting on my contact.

I changed out of my steel toed boots, gassed up the car and drove 3 plus hours home. I spent about seven hour in a car to spend 20 minutes with a customer. That my friends, is easy money and a boring day.

Yes, you in the back, do you have a question?

You are right, I could have seen more customers in the area. Unfortunately I saw several in the southwest part of the state a few weeks ago. Second, no one wants to see a damn salesman in a short week. Three, I did not want to spend an overnight this week. Before this visit came up, I considered taking the whole week off.

Paperwork and filing is on tap for the rest of the week. I also have to make plans to be back on the road next week. Long experience tells me that seeing customers from this point until the second week of January is going to be tough. People have vacation to use. Year end projects have to be completed. That is OK. I think there is nothing more depressing than the sad artificial Christmas tree in a hotel lobby. 

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