December 4, 2016

Johnny Cash hit song to be banned in Eastern Tennessee

It is cold this morning; near freezing. It is not abnormal for the season. SnowTeamScareTeam was in a lather because it might snow today. Probably not, but maybe! If it does, it will be at best a dusting, but SNOW! Since this is written garbage, not video garbage you cannot see me shaking my head in mild disgust. I am, believe me. Look, I'll do it again. Imagine it, people, that is what words are for.

Yesterday was entirely unproductive. The wife went shopping and I  mutated into a couch potato. John Wayne, a documentary about the Cubs World Series win, and a broadcast showing of "It's a Wonderful Life" pretty much took up the day. I guess. Oh, I also watched a Debbie Reynolds movie in the morning. And can I add that she was hot back in the day? I went back and looked, the flick was "Bundle of Joy". I've seen it bunches of times. It is a musical remake of an older film. This was filmed when Reynolds was married to Eddie Fisher and around the time Princess Leia was born.

So yeah, I wasted the day. I did walk about three miles in the morning, so there is that. Since i smoked a cigar while strolling the neighborhood I suspect any health benefits from the mild exercise were negated. If you were using me as a roll model I seriously question your life choices.

I do not anticipate today being much more exciting. Enjoy your Sunday and because I too often forget to say it, thank you for stopping by.

*re: the title of this post -- too soon?

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