December 13, 2016

Next you will be telling me the USSR was so afraid of Carter they got Reagan elected

So let me get this straight, anonymous sources at the CIA have told the Washington Post that Russians deliberately tried to help Trump win the election. The Evil Empire managed this not through direct interference in the voting process, but by hacking various Democrat emails and releasing the contents. Now no one is claiming the released info is not authentic, but that by telling the truth Hillary lost the election.

Ponder that for a moment. The truth cost the Democrats the Presidency, and that is the chief complaint. 

Many intelligence agencies dispute the claim the Russians were trying to help Trump. After all, the DNC admits they were first hacked in the summer of  2015, long before anyone considered Trump would be the nominee. There is an "inconvenient truth" for you conspiracy-minded losers. If Putin was all in for Trump, why is there no evidence he was attacking or trying to hack Trump's 16 competitors for the GOP nomination? After all, the Kremlin had to get Trump the nomination before they could help him win the Presidency.

Maybe we should consider the source. This is the same CIA that brought us the Bay of Pigs, failed to predict the Iranian takeover of our Embassy, did not foresee the fall of the Berlin Wall and the USSR, The CIA said that Iraq did, then didn't, then that they could have WMDs. They claimed that Iran stopped trying to get nukes, until it was discovered that they were. The CIA missed the Arab Spring and was as surprised as we were when terrorists struck on 9/11. The CIA failed to warn that Russia was moving into the Ukraine, and underplayed the strength and spread of ISIS.

Democrats have blamed their loss on racists, Russians, fake news stories about fake news,  hacked voting machines, ignorance, global warming, lack of safe spaces, SUVs, angry union guys, homophobia, xenophobia, not enough early voting, maybe even space aliens, for all I can tell. Blame falls on anything but a lying, untrustworthy candidate only concerned with getting more money and power who did not have a valid plan for the economy, foreign policy, fixing ObamaCare or immigration. But Hillary had a vagina. There was that. They don't understand how Clinton lost Wisconsin when she did not even campaign there.

The whole idea that the Russians tried to elect Trump is about as silly as the notion that rogue electors will try to give the election to either a politician who didn't even run and lost both of his previous tries at the office (Romney) or the guy who was so unpopular he could only barely win one primary - his own state (Kasich).

I think we have just another example of butt-hurt establishment types who cannot accept that the American people were not the sheep following the herd as they imagined.

Perhaps all of you so outraged that a foreign power would try to interfere in elections should take a gander at St. Obama's actions during the last Israel elections or the Brexit vote in Great Britain.

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