December 2, 2016

Praeses et Professores

I'm not dead, just busy. Year-end mileage logs for the company car and filling out November expenses have delayed posting today. Wednesday and Thursday I was in Chicago doing my work thing. In other words, I'm offering lots of lame excuses for why I haven't posted my normal brand of genius for a couple of days. This is post 5,514. It is my 382nd effort this calendar year. Go ahead, demand a recount. It is the thing to do these days.

I dragged out the mower Tuesday and chopped and bagged the leaves in the front and back yard. When I got home last night the back yard is again covered completely in a gold layer of leaves. The trees back there are still at least 80% covered. It was January last year before they were done shedding and it looks like it will be that way again this year.  I refuse to rake in January. They can lay there 'till spring when I will mow them up then.

There is snow in the forecast this weekend. I am ready. Bring on the white Christmas, baby.

I picked up my re-done glasses this morning. Since the prescription is fairly strong and mostly to correct astigmatism, they lenses are a stark change. I have a headache and stuff looks a little distorted. .
You are now caught up on the tediousness that is my life. Don't you feel better?

Here is a little Friday Christmas Music for your enjoyment.

No, no, there is no need to thank me.

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