December 6, 2016

This man has no honor

Christopher Suprun is a man without honor, a person with no integrity. He was chosen to represent the wishes of  the voters of Texas. He is unable unwilling to fulfill that obligation. Instead, he has chosen to represent his own interest. He is a piece of shit with no honor. He can wrap it up in rationalization all he wants, but that does not change a thing. Suprun wanted to be an elector, now he won't do his duty. He should resign. He is a disgrace, he is deplorable. He should not be trusted at all going forward. Christopher Suprun is not a man of his word.


Anonymous said...

I agree, who would trust anything he says or promises. A total loser, self centered, glory hound.


mts1 said...

Nope, an enemy mole. He has Van Jones' organization as his PR firm. And who is he that he requires a PR firm to speak for him?

Of course the GOP should get all the goods on him, who funds him (better, who pays his bills, is he just a water carrier for some organization the same way the Westboro Church and Rev. Phelps had their bills paid for by the Southern Poverty Law Center), and by extension, was he paid to swear he'd vote one way then reneg? Direct influence peddling, the same way Illinois governor Blago got convicted for peddling Obama's state seat? Can we finally get an elitist to do the perp walk around here?

Won't happen. It would be as if your squadron accidentally happened upon an enemy naval group and could get the drop on them before they could react and train their guns upon you. But the GOP is the stupid party, and won't since their "above that," Marquis of Queensbury rules for us but Rules for Radicals for the other guy. Better throttle up and fly away. Don't want to be considered not nice, after all.

Joe said...

Doesn't theYexas GOO vet anyone?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Faithless electors are scum of the earth.

Joe said...

Doesn't the Texas GOP vet anyone?

see what happens when i try to type on my iPhone?

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