December 13, 2016

You can get two euchre decks from a single pinocle deck of cards

I work out of a home office. When I first started the arrangement, setting up a home office was a problem in a three bedroom house with three kids. We were already short on space. I now have a four bedroom home, albeit the bedrooms are on the small side. I am not sure how we managed to upsize in the last move. Anyway, we have a four bedroom house for the two of us since the youngest has a college apartment where he mostly resides. But he does still have a bedroom. My wife watches our granddaughter, so we have a bedroom with a bed for her and my office occupies the last bedroom. My office is upstairs in the corner overlooking the backyard and the big willow.

My office is eclectic in its decor. I have a couple of those big pictures on canvas -- one of Wrigley Field and one of Lucas Oil Stadium. My college sheepskin is framed and hung next to my desk. Framed photos of Johnny Cash and the Rat Pack flank the football stadium picture. My 24" wooden cigar store Indian stares in somber reflection from atop one of my two-drawer filing cabinets and a printer sits on the other one. A model of the HMS Victory shares room on the shelf above my desk with my humidor and an artificial plant.  My favorite picture of my wife, taken some thirty years ago, sits on a corner of my desk.

My desk is a cheap one from WalMart that I put together. It is small but adequate. I have a nice high backed leather desk chair. A recliner occupies one corner. My office is crowded and comfortable and my space.  I like it fine.

I have worked out of a cubicle. I was the sole tenant in a 70 year-old five story office building for a number of years. I had an office on the second floor above a credit union when I started this blog. For more than a decade I have worked from home. It takes discipline. I go into the office, shut the door and do my thing. There is no TV. I come out to get more coffee and to get rid of it an hour or two later. I go down for lunch and ignore everything else that may be going on in the house. It was easier to work at home when my wife left for work every day, but she respects that I have work to do and rarely bothers me.

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