January 27, 2017

Get out the good paper plates, company is coming

There is a dusting of snow on the ground. It was easily dispatched from the front walkway with a broom. It is hard to believe it was less than a week since I was sitting on the patio in a T-shirt.

Oh weather, you always keep me surprised.

I mixed up some meatloaf, broccoli, and home made scalloped spuds for supper last night. The meatloaf was OK. I have made better. Of course, nearly all meatloaf sucks, so the scale is relative. The potatoes were very good.

I went back for a follow up at the eye surgeon yesterday. All is well with the transplants themselves. But my vision is slowly getting worse. I could have told him that without the fancy high priced machines. Like the meatloaf scale, my vision is relative. Compared to ten years ago, or especially one year ago, I can see great, but not nearly as well as I could six months ago. My corrected vision is worse by ten points since I got my glasses in November. He thinks I may have some scar tissue that is affecting things. We are going to watch the situation and do a more thorough check in my next visit. He tells me removing the maybe-scar tissue is a pretty simple laser operation. Sigh. This is a minor health problem. Things could be way, way worse.

Enjoy your Friday. My Amazon Echo tells me it is national chocolate cake day. You just might want to keep that in mind if you are considering bringing me something to snack on later today.


Anonymous said...

I finally broke down and had my eyes checked. As I expected bifocal’s was the solution according to the Dr. The cataracts are not bad enough for surgery, so I am the proud owner and user of bifocals. I was using reading glass’s so now I have a pile of glass’s , the new bifocals work for everything but the computer, not sure why , but that is life. On the other hand, meat loaf, mashed potatoes and green beans built this country.

James Old Guy.

Joe said...

I had bifocals for more than 10 years until my surgery. Right now I am back to regular glasses. That is why it is hard to complain much

Joe said...

Of course I got my first bifocals in my early 40s which really sucked eecially since I was in my early 30 s before I wore glasses full time

Jean said...

Try stuffing your meatloaf with mozzarella or provolone or monterey jack cheese then lay bacon across the top.

Joe said...

I stuffed it with Colby-jack. I baked it in muffin tins for individual portions. I am just not too fond of meatloaf. The wife said it was good

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm 63 on tri-focals, particularly for the computer (the middle lens).
Lower lens for books and papers and upper for distance.

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