January 7, 2017

Make the white queen run so fast

My coffee is fresh and hot. It is black, as coffee should be served. Sinatra is crooning softly in the background as I type. The room is warm, but I can feel a chill from the window beside my chair. I am not surprised, it is currently -1 and the wind chill is -11. That is cold. It also is a reminder that replacement windows need to be on the list of "someday" home improvements. I'm pretty sure it will come after a new front door, granite countertops, new cabinets, an expanded patio/deck, and updated landscaping. Heck, all it takes is money.

A nut job murdered people in a Florida airport.  My heart breaks. Worse, I bet there will be pundits on CNN who will somehow blame Trump. They perversely found a way to blame him for the torture of that poor guy in Chicago.

The South is slated for nasty weather. Here it is just going to be cold. Winter storms and cold weather; seems a lot like January. Be safe and have a great Saturday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Is it 2017 already?

Stan said...

I didn't know Sinatra did a cover of "I've Seen All Good People".... :P

Joe said...


You caught me mixing my...metaphors?

On the other hand, titles and content are rarely related around here

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