January 30, 2017

Remember When

...Jimmy Carter banned immigrants from Iran? Or do you remember when President  Obama put a temporary ban on immigrants from Iraq?

Do a little research before you go off the deep end.


Melissa said...

Only 1 problem - the Republicans disnt have snowflakes :). This such an overreaction.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Hope everything comes out OK in the end.

Anonymous said...

Get use to a protest a week about any damn thing that Trump happens to mention, sign or even take a crap. Clogging up airports and highways will make a lot of fans of the real middle class who actually have to get to work, Obama wanted civil war, we are headed that way and the snow flakes will figure out bullets are much faster than stupid protest signs.

James Old Guy

Melissa said...

I am afraid you are right

hey teacher... said...

Stonewall Trump sez, "Charge!"

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