January 4, 2017

There was this traveling salesman and his car breaks down near a farm

I'm heading back on the road today. I have plenty of auditory stimuli to hopefully keep my attention engaged while miles of pavement pass underneath my tires. I have podcasts and audiobooks and music loaded on my trusty phone. There is always the radio to listen to. Yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition. This trip will prove fruitless in the short term. Most of my visits will be to non-customers. It is unlikely I will get to talk with the decision makers. In fact, I probably won't even get to talk with a receptionist since that job has been mostly eliminated. I will leave messages on voice mail and literature and business cards. This is all part of the effort to grow one's business. Fifty percent of sales is showing up. Opportunity eventually knocks. One new order easily pays for the gas to swing by a prospective customer a couple of times a year. It is not rejection if a prospect buys from the other guy, it is business. It is never personal.

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hey teacher... said...

A dusting of snow and a prediction of 1"-2" of accumulation and our school corp.closes school. Holy Crap! The local "weather" people, (their on your side), feed the 24 hour beast with every tidbit that "could" happen and this is what we get. Urgh!

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