February 15, 2017

741 weeks on the charts

You don't come here for a weather report. Too bad. That is the one bit of content I manage to consistently include. It is a lame, tired, and effective conversation starter. Sometimes the subject is interesting. If a big storm were in the offing that would be news. The expected seasonable temperature with occasional snow flurries in today's forecast is not noteworthy. That this normal mid-February weather day is sandwiched between some great warm days may be of note. Last weekend saw the temperatures hit he low sixties. Yesterday we approached fifty. This coming weekend may see the temperature hit above seventy --in February! Bring it on. My only fear is that the wife will see such spring-like weather as a good opportunity for me to get out and work in the back yard cleaning up the fallen branches and limbs from the big willow and the mass of leaves that did not drop from the three Bradford pears until about Christmas. I'm going to want to laze in the sun, grasshopper-style. She is going to want to get the work done while we have the opportunity. That is what happens when someone who likes to relax marries someone who cannot relax. 

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