February 13, 2017

Identity Theft is a Crime

If you use a Social Security Number that belongs to someone else to get a job, perhaps open a bank account, or even get a loan, that is classic identity theft. It is a crime. Even if you are an immigrant trying to make a better life for your family, it is a crime. Even if you have been doing it for 22 years, it is stealing. It is theft and a crime and should be punished. You are not a martyr, you have not been wronged. You are a criminal.

As always, I welcome and encourage counterpoints in the comment section.


Melissa said...

I can't wait to hear a counter point. I am sure some one has one.

Anonymous said...

Identity theft is treated much to lightly in the courts, as far as I an concerned hackers and Identity thieves need to be executed. In fact I am in favor of no appeal, hang from the nearest lamp post, tree, or whatever you can find right after the trial.

James Old Guy

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