February 5, 2017

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I don't know what opinion you may have formed, but I am a mild mannered individual. That's is not to say I don't get irritated at my fellow man for the little things like leaving Christmas lights on in late February, but I do not confront anyone over these clear and moral transgressions to order and taste. I am not a confrontational, shout, or protest kind of guy.

That is why I was shocked on three separate occasions last week* when it took a ridiculous amount of self control to keep from expressing my irritation with a fellow citizen. A chunky, ugly, bleached blond, middle aged woman who drives a red Mazda 5 must be on the same grocery schedule as I am. I say this because she and I have parked in very close proximity at the grocery store three times in the past week. Twice she was loading groceries as I was coming out of the store, once when I was pulling in to my parking slot. In each case this ...loads her groceries and just leaves the cart (the buggy for you east coasters) in the middle of the lot. I see people do this all of the time, it never bothers me. Not in her case. For some reason I had an overwhelming urge to tap her window point at the cart and tell her I will put it in the cart corral since walking that 20 feet is too much for her.

I don't know why this one woman pisses me off so. On Thursday I was out of my car heading for a confrontation before good sense took hold of me. Normally I scoff at the notion of reincarnation, but in a previous life this woman must have truly done me a wrong to generate such animosity. The whole thing is just weird.

Have you ever met someone or seen them across the room and formed an instant dislike, other than Hillary Clinton, that is?

* why I choose to buy groceries a day at a time is another story for another day


Anonymous said...

Sure have, my ex program manager, my first look opinion was justified later on. As for grocery carts, I am constantly amazed how lazy people have become.


Jean said...

I have that reaction to redheads.

Anonymous said...

What to do with the store cart is the very reason I choose to park beside, or as close, to the cart corral as I can in the parking lot!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Have you ever met someone or seen them across the room and formed an instant dislike, other than Hillary Clinton, that is?

Yes. A political reporter for the local Gannett rag who shall remain nameless. Love his wife. Can't stand him. Actually go out of my way to avoid him at social events.

Joe said...

There must be a story here

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