February 3, 2017

When Fairy Tales Come True

The left has apparently taken the tack that they will oppose with extreme action any policy or law or appointee of the current administration. I wonder if they were ever taught the tale of Chicken Little? Sorry, not everything is evidence the sky is falling.

Perhaps a better analogy is the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

In any case, everything is not a crisis, every act cannot be wrong, every appointee the next Martin Borman to Trump's hidden Hitler persona. There are good laws and policies from every administration. Obama did good things. So did W. Even Carter did some things right.

If you are going to scream and cry and throw a tantrum over everything that comes about for the next four years you will lose effectiveness. People are able to live next to train tracks and airports because the roar becomes mere background noise to life. Perhaps you should save a little outrage for the important stuff.

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