February 18, 2017

whole lotta nuthin'

I watched my neighbor back into her garbage can Tuesday. The trash service had picked up earlier in the morning and I guess she forgot the can was curbside in her driveway. She moved it up by the garage. It blew over in the wind. It is still lying in her driveway on its side. She parks right beside it.

I took the wife's car for an oil change yesterday. In the late afternoon we walked the granddaughter down to the park. She played ball and bubbles outside when we got home until her daddy came to pick her up.

The weather woman says we can expect temperatures in the sixties through next Friday. I can live with that. It is February! I estimate we have received about two inches of snow all winter. Why do I think we are going to get a heavy spring snow storm? I actually have some green shoots coming up n the flower beds!

Where are you GOC?

Enjoy your Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

GOC has been down over a week, hope he is ok.


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