February 20, 2017

You deserve a break today

In the 1953 movie The Wild One Mildred asks Johnny what he is rebelling against. He replied "Wadda you got?". That pretty much sums up leftist politics for the past month. Every time I turn on the news I see a group of people protesting about something. Generally, it seems all they have is that they are angry they lost the election.

I see people are protesting because they got fired for losing their jobs last week because they did not show up for work -- so they could protest. Who is at fault here? The boss said if you don't show up for work Thursday don't come back. You skipped work. You lost your job. This isn't on the boss.

Today there are protests planned for "not my President" on President's Day. Give me a break. How is it possible to be so angry all of the time? Isn't it exhausting? I complain about politics quite a bit around here. It is my vent. It also ends pretty much right here on these pages. I cannot imagine being angry 24-7. Hug your kid. Take a walk in the park. Play fetch with a dog. Eat some nachos. Watch a ball game. View a few cat videos. Throw away that vagina costume you wore to a Washington a few weeks ago. You look stupid calling for "rights" you cannot articulate and already have. The costume is stupid too. Trust me, future you is not going to want to show that picture to your grandkids. They will not be proud of you.

Cute little grandchild: Why were you dressed like that grandma?

Grandma, cringing over her graphic vagina costume: I was protesting for rights.

CLG: You were trying to get the right to vote? You were trying to allow women to work?

G: No, the guy who won the election said some women will let a celebrity do anything, even grab their crotch.

CLG: Is that true. Will some women do that?

G: Yes.

CLG: And that is why you dressed up like a giant vagina to make women aware of their actions?

G: No, I wanted the other political party to win the election. I was mad we lost.

G:  ?????

Take a day off from the protests. We will all feel better. You might find out life is pretty much the same as it was last February 20th.


hey teacher... said...

FOX seems to be on a 24-7 protest of the protestors and Sean Handkerchief spent the last 8 years protesting about "The Chosen One". Both ENDS of the spectrum need to STFU for awhile.

BTW WhyTF do I have to do 3 anti-robot matchy games. Are the robots getting that advanced that they can now do the matchy game thing?

Joe said...

I try all the time to get rid of the robot thing

Try not checking the box? I think you can comment even if you ignore it.

If you give your email, which I can't see, it should allow you to skip the verification

I agree with the shut up idea

I'm laugh when the news gets in a lather about a protest at the statehouse or wherever and there are maybe 20 people there.

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