March 10, 2017

A Post With No Name

I just read a Screeching article from a disenchanted Blue Stater who thinks the blue states should take their ball and go home. They pay all of the taxes, have the best art, and are moving towards utopia while the red states are hate-mongers, white supremicists, Russia-loving, food stamp abusing rednecks who want to screw up everything.

In his revised history the Democrats had a majority power until after the Civil War when evil Republicans won by giving away land. I guess he forgot about that whole Democrats were in favor of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation thing. Only progressive economics brought the country around to truth in the Great Depression. In his revised history Trump is the most Imperial President ever, after jus six weeks in office. ObamaCare would have worked great, only it had to be mucked up to please the red state troglodytes. I guess he forgot that all of the ACA was written and passed by Democrats and only Democrats. I'm surprised he didn't blame it on the Russian bogey man.

The author of this "think piece" envisions a wonderful world with high speed rail, open borders that attract the world's best and brightest, free universities and a violence free society with strict gun control. He laments that blue state policies to combat climate change might help ignorant red staters. But the good news is that a progressive approach to foreign relations can allow us to reduce the military to pre-WWI levels.

I say go ahead. See how many of those suburban counties vote to stay red. Take a look at California, those closest example of your liberal promised land. Seperate, go your own way. Go ahead.

Oh, and good luck with the food thing. Growing stuff takes lots of land, thus farm country is sparsely populated. But I, for one,  would rather have food in my pantry than access to good quality opera or art studios.

Your position may vary.

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The constant drumbeat of "secession, secession" continues to amuse me.

We settled that hash in 1865. (Sorry, Texas.)

One of the comments at Instapundit regarding this article was instructive, however:

"Here we go again. Progressives are all about separating people. Next they'll want separate countries for women, each minority, each sexual preference, each age bracket, each economic status, etc.

"They seem completely incapable of bringing people together. It's not that they have a problem embracing the 'other'. They just have a problem reconciling with the 'other'. Because tolerance, to them, is do what I say."

-- Commenter "Amphipolis"

Anonymous said...

The writer must get paid by the word count, I don't know what he is taking but hope they make it legal for the public. I am having a bit of fun on face farce messing with liberals, I just make a comment with facts and wait for the name calling. I still don't understand the blame Russia for the election results, but then again Liberals just need a cause, facts and logic be damned.

James Old Guy

Dan O. said...

The only explanation for liberalism is it is a mental disorder. Facts be damned; history revised; junk science promoted as, what's the term they use? Oh yeah, "consensus" and "settled science". Gender is selective, not by biology but, by feelings.

These people make my skin crawl and peg my WTF Meter.

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