March 21, 2017

Good news and bad

i am once again connected to the interwebz. I can surf the news and blogs with abandon and impunity. There is no need to worry about data usage. I can have access to hundreds of channels on my big screen TV. I do not even have to find the station I want, I just speak o the remote and the magic box finds my program or station. That is the good.

Now the bad news, if you are a fan of this bloggity example of personal navel-gazing; I have nothing of interest to report. The weather is unabashedly March. Politicians are behaving remarkably political. My daughter prepared a great birthday dinner for me last night, both my boys came home to honor me. Having my family all together pleased me more than I can express, but I suspect that has little interest to you. In fact, my annual first-day-of-spring birthday passed with no fanfare at all. For the curious among you this was the double nickels birthday. I can still remember when that seemed really, really old. Life is what it is. God is good and has blessed me in ways I cannot describe. Thc fact that I cannot entertain you today is something we will both survive.

I hope your day is good.


Anonymous said...

two nickels equal a dime. you're either ten years old or 100.
Good job!

Joe said...

Ha. Or the Jimmah Carter speed limit

Ed Bonderenka said...

Thanks for the update.

B said...

Happy birthdae

Dan O. said...

Happy Belated Joe! Cheers! And welcome to the Double-Nickle Club (my membership ends in 5 months).

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