March 13, 2017

I watched Butler play 'Nova. I'm now an expert

It is that time of year. Folks who know diddly about basketball opine on the relative merits of teams they have never seen play a single game. These so-called experts lament the inclusion and exclusion of marginal teams, each of which one could make an argument for and against. If you are a player at "should have been a 15th seed university" you can take solace in the fact that had you just won a few more games there would have been no question about your inclusion to the big tournament.

To those who cry about the seeds. Get over it. You have to win every game to be the champ. It does not matter where you are on the bracket, win and nothing else matters. Crying about being an eight seed opposed to a sixth seed is a waste of time. It does not make you appear a college basketball cognoscenti. It makes you a petulant know-it-all cry baby

Finally, if you do fill out a bracket, take a stand. Filling out multiple brackets to hedge your bets is just lame.

I won't share my uniformed, best guess, flip-a-coin, oh-who-cares-bracket. Decades of experience shows my Magic 8 Ball is a liar. My selections never survive the first weekend.

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Dan O. said...

I have watched approximately 3.125 minutes of NCAA basket ball in my lifetime. I have never filled out a bracket. Until yesterday. I kept getting emails from my company's Business Unit Manager about entering the Berkshire Hathaway Bracket Contest so, WTF I filled out a bracket by virtual dart throwing. I reckon I will crash and burn after the 1st round games. But hey, why not? Nobody knows until the games are played.

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