March 12, 2017

Somebody owes me an hour of weekend

I ain't late. Well, not much anyway. As far as I am concerned it is just after 8:00. I don't care what the clock says. I challenge anyone to prove the ridiculous clock changing rule has any benefit at all.

Maybe we need to sick the SJWs on the case. Any hourly wage workers on the clock at 2:00 AM this morning got cheated out of an hour of work and wages. The graveyard shift sucks anyway and now archaic clock laws are doubling down on the agony. Workers unite! Stop Time Until Paid all I Demand should be the new protest slogan. I hope to see marchers carrying STUPID signs as soon as Monday.

I ventured out into the cold to get some Sunday donuts for the wife this morning. As I pause for a sip of coffee I notice a few things odd about the preceding sentence. First, I assume donuts bought on a Sunday are no different than those purchased on any other day of the week. I have no idea why I needed to call them Sunday donuts.  I admit that I have no more idea what that particular phraseology means than you do. Second,  I am disingenuous to claim I bought the bakery goods only for my wife. If that was the case, the box from the bakery would have been filed with nothing but unfilled bars iced with chocolate.  I also bought a couple of cake donuts, a jelly-filled and some plain yeast donuts for me to eat over the next few days. Sorry if my opening sentence of this paragraph mislead you in any way.

I have a new rule. I will stop reading any article, editorial, blog post, or comment that references that the 2016 election was hacked. The same goes for any television report. There is absolutely no evidence the election was compromised by hacking. The DNC and John Podesta had their emails hacked. That is far different than nefarious persons affecting the outcome of voting. It is a small but intrinsic difference. I'm done with it. Any person claiming, even out of habit or ignorance, the election was hacked is either a damnable liar or so uniformed and ignorant they are not worth considering. I will give those succumbing to such inaccuracies the same credence I would a scientist who maintains the Earth is flat.

My coffee cup is down to the imaginary dregs. I'm off for a refill and that gives me an excuse to end this phlegmatic effort. Enjoy your Sunday, even if you did get cheated out of an hour of your weekend.

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Anonymous said...

My critters don't seem to care about the time change. Wonder what the liberals will lose their mind about today.

James Old Guy

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