March 1, 2017

The old man is snoring

Thunder is rumbling overhead as the morning starts. Waves of storms passed through here since early last evening. We just have lots of wind and rain, but these same cells proved deadly in other locations, spawning tornadoes and downed trees. The associated change in pressure has caused me to have a massive headache, one bad enough to wake me up. Spring, I hate you. On the other hand, my head pain may be the onset of a cold. The granddaughter is mildly sick and my nose has started as steady drip. My sinus pressure could just be a massive buildup of snot.

Variations on the theme of the day (but no Prince):

Edited to remove the videos. I'm sure you are OK.

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Anonymous said...

Pollen is nuts down here in SC, on the extreme level, early spring.

James Old Guy

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