April 5, 2017

I scored some cheap cigars

In the time I have written this blog under various pseudonyms I do not believe I have ever had a stretch of writer's block like the one I am enduring. Perhaps disinterest is a more appropriate term. I do not feel like ranting on the politics of the day. I am almost to the point where I do not care. There is nothing of interest to anyone outside of my household in my personal life. I can't think of any noteworthy travel adventures to spice up the old blogeroo. The weather is typical springtime fare. I am breathing. I have the same worries and concerns as you: bills, health, happiness. I am blessed in many ways, but it seems the only topic I can muster to blog about is an inability to find a topic to blog about.

The Cubs won. There is that.


Jean said...

We'll take what we can get, whenever.

Dan O. said...

I want to hear about the cheap cigars. I smoke plenty of cheap cigars that are very pleasant for a daily smoke. Unfortunately, my source (CI) has become unreliable and I've had no luck finding an alternative.

I occasionally smoke the better (read higher-priced) cigars but, can't afford them for more than maybe a weekly splurge.


Joe said...

I got some Alec Bradley White Gold as a CI deal of the day. They are ok for an every day smoke. On the mild side. I think they are made from scraps but not bad

I like good smokes but I can't afford to smoke them every day

I have an issue that when I spend a lot for a cigar I don't want to smoke them. I have had decent cigars in my humidor for eight and ten years because I don't want to smoke them.

Jon Moore said...

If you're unhappy with CI, try these guys.

Dan O. said...

I usually order a bundle of cheapies and then 5 singles (the cheapest of every 5 selected is free) and just smoke the singles once a week.

I'm still waiting for last 2 of the 5 singles I ordered Feb.10th from CI. Not sure if I want to order from them again but, nothing comparable in price for every-day smokes from Famous Smoke, Jon. Or anywhere else that I've found yet. Still looking. I really like the C'est la Vie for a daily from CI and can't find them anywhere else.

We are truly slaves of our vices.

Joe said...

I sometimes buy from Mike's. Occasionally, but not for a long time Thompson's, If you want full boxes JR has good deals. When I went to the Carolinas every month I used to stop into the massive JR cigar store. That place was for me just like Tiffany's was to Holly Golightly.

Joe said...

I have also found some good deals from cigar.com.

I am amazed at how much the price of cigars has risen.

Dan O. said...

I believe cigars.com is under the umbrella of CI so, don't know if they suffered from same software upgrade. I ordered from Thompson once. The cigars were so dry couldn't revive them in a humidor. Never tried Mikes or JR. Maybe give them a look.

I believe we can thank the FDA for price increases.

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