April 26, 2017

Queso Blanco

I'm late getting to the old blogeroo today. None of your business, that is why.

It looks to be a beautiful day today, weather-wise. It will be real Chamber of Commerce weather, low eighties, low humidity. Rain is supposed to move in tonight and stick around until next week.

On a completely unrelated travel note, when did it become acceptable for the people at the back of the plane to run up the aisle as soon as the plane reaches the gate? It appears most of these rude, self-important jerkwads are under 30. It also may be that in my dotage I think everyone looks young. It is still rude. If you are guilty, stop. The plane empties quicker if we proceed in an ordered fashion - front to back. Yeah, yeah, I hear you. Guess what? Most of us have a connection. Some of us were smart enough to schedule ample time between flights.


B said...

People like that are one of the reasons I carry a cane while travelling....I don't need one, but since the TSA takes all of my everyday carry toys away, I take the cane so I have a club if and when...( No one wants to screw with a guy with a cane (ADA!)so they let me carry it on board)

(Also handy for tripping those rude jerks who try to deplane early.....YMMV)

Like this, only you can get 'em for about half price elsewhere....


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

*shrug* Fly Southwest, pay the extra moolah for early boarding, sit up front. Problem solved.

For these people you describe, I'd just hop out in the aisle and get in their way. I may have lost 20 pounds, but I'm still a big boy. And I'm old and grouchy to boot, especially after I've just sat any amount of time in a 19" seat with no legroom.

Do not screw around with the old man in the hat. He will fuck you up.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

B - thanks for the link. Something to think about!

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